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Bean Bags
Last Updated: 3/18/06 at 1:23 EST

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I know that you have seen them. Shimmering faintly in the light contained in their bags at your local craft store. Transparent or opaque frosted or metallic Pony Beads come in all styles of finishes and are readily available. Sometimes they masquerade under different titles being called a humble size 60 seed bead or a size E-Bead. Pony Beads can be used in many projects they are great to use as fringe accents on amulet bags or earrings or macrame'd together with hemp for a complex bracelet. My favorite way to use them however is in a simple crimp necklace that most beginners can master with patience and the right tools.

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At Biker Bags, we carry a great selection of biker leather items including saddlebags, tool bags, windshield bags and sissybar bags for your Harley-Davidson!

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Tote bag, carpetbag and purse products, spa bags and other travel bags and accessories. We offer a complete line of handbags, evening bags and tote bags available in hundreds of fabrics and designs.