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How To Hang a Tapestry

Unlike a framed print, tapestries are woven individually on a loom and part of their individuality is that there may be irregularities in the weave, hanging undulations, and they may not be square.

Some of the finishing work is done by our seamstress on tapestry pieces that we receive “right off the loom” we hand finish these wall-hangings adding borders, linings and rod pockets for easy hanging. Tabs (loops) (not necessary for hanging) may be added to some designs. Cushion covers are finished with velvet backing in a choice of five colors with matching piping and a hidden zip fastener. We are proud of the quality of our finishing: two of our supplying weavers (one French, one Belgian) have said that ours is the best they have seen!
There are a few of ways to hang tapestries with rod pockets.

  1. Cut a length of round wooden dowel slightly longer than the rod pocket. Insert small cup-hooks into each end and simply place them over small picture hook nails. This is quick, easy and inexpensive.
  2. Purchase a metal rod with finials (decorative ends) from a local drapery or interiors store. Use the provided brackets for the tapestry to hang 'off' the wall or hang the rod over two nails hammered down at a 45 degree angle for flush mounting. Add a pair of cords with tassels to either side if desired to 'tie in' the tapestry to the existing décor. If your tapestry has hanging loops you will want to use this method, with the ornate or decorative rod hanging above the tapestry.
  3. If your tapestry is not lined it may be framed similar to framing a fine painting or manuscript.


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